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Stephan A. Eden, Architect 

"Sandor's team did high quality work and succeeded in marrying the old and the new.  The owner of the house and myself were satisfied with the work.  I recommend Sandor to any person in search of an excellent contractor."

Anderson Architects 


"Sandor Construction & Design has undertaken architectural work in the capacity of general contractor for clients of Anderson Architects since 1988.  In all cases the finished products are well executed and outstanding examples of high quality architectures and interiors."

Peterson Architects

"Our firm has been practicing architecture for 15 years specializing in renovation and new construction.  During this time we have had the pleasure of working with Sandor on many occasions, and all have resulted in successful  projects.  We can attest to his professionalism, reliability, honesty and his expertise he brings to his projects. We are always reassured that a project will be successful in terms of cost, schedule and quality when Sandor is involved."

Peggy Ann Turner, Architect

"We highly recommend Sandor, and in addition we can recommend his team of subcontractors he works with on a regular basis.  His team is aware of the type of quality and service his clients expect during the course of the work and afterwords of the guarantee period."

Candace Hoodem, Architect

"Sandor brings a great knowledge of construction, a keen eye for detail and an innate creative sense to all his projects.  His management style is calm and efficient and any unforeseen circumstances are managed with a concern for budget, time and aesthetics"

David Reich, Architect

"As owner and Architect i investigated the credentials of qualified contractors and received the highest recommendations as regards to Sandor Construction & Design. I was not disappointed.  Sandor was assiduous and fully involved throughout the 11month construction period and offered extensive collaborative effort to bring the home to current standards, using quality materials and exceptional workmanship."

Consul General of Sweden


"I found him a skillful professional who has good judgement and gives sensible advice.  His services has been appreciated during my term as consul general. I recommend him and his collaborators to anybody who requires reliable services in his field."

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